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There are many gambling chats and newsgroups that discuss poker. They often mention the “card-playing bots,” also known as “bots” in the Web nomenclature. These robots are being used on several commercial gambling sites. Many players believe that there are many gambling portals that thrive because of the use of special programs. They can beat an average player and even beginners. It is easy to spot weak spots in your opponent and figure out his strategy. In a casino, however, you cannot tell if your competition is a human Sbobet.

If true, it would mean that poker bots capable of winning against average players could be widespread. This would create a major problem in the poker sector. The business could be severely impacted if an additional system is not created to verify the identity, “humanity”, and play of card players in online casinos. This is the opinion both of players and of gambling figures who are interested to further develop the online game industry.

Skeptics claim that it would take many decades to develop a program that could read the cards of other players using screen scanning technology and respond in realtime. This argument is supported by those who believe that commercial programs can be used to assist players. However, they have no effect. There is an answer. “Vex Bot” is an artificially intelligent automaton that was developed by computer poker researchers at the Canadian University of Alberta. The robot can play master poker in a two-player game. The new system is being used to explore the frontiers in artificial intelligence. This will be the basis of a commercial poker tutorial. When the news about robot creation was first published in media outlets, creators started receiving letters describing the dangers of system use to support illegal gambling.

Darse Blinsg, the lead designer behind “Vex Bot”, considers that the likelihood of bots being used in commercial settings is roughly 50/50. However, he believes that any modern programs cannot match his creation. This is due to a decade of research done by a group specialist.

Billings said, “The game strategy is complex and it’s not an easy task to create a program that can beat a team of human players with experience.” According to Billings, the greatest obstacle lies in the fact that there is so much information that players don’t have access to. Also, it is necessary for the program be able to use different strategies at different times.

Creators of the “Vex Bot” think that it has one advantage: they don’t have emotions, fear, shame or any kind of nervousness. He will remain calm even when confronted by the most aggressive player.

Journalists looking into the problem of pokerboats note that many gambling operators are unwilling to give answers to questions. There aren’t any high-quality programs that can watch suspicious poker websites with strange patterns of gameplay.

CryptoLogic Company representative mentioned this problem. It was claimed that some players were using boats and they have been banned. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether a person is playing as a robot or human. However, a company who exposes all unconventional strategies would prefer to be reinsured in order to avoid any possible socializing of a bot.

Professional poker players have spoken out about how useful the poker bots can be. They are able to play at 25 casinos simultaneously, 2 tables per table and make $1000 an hour, even though you are only playing $10-20. Many people are dismayed that interactive poker has been replaced by computer programs in gambling chats. Skeptics feel that poker will continue being popular, despite all the threats coming from programmers. It’s only a matter if more people will want to make their own bots to be known, but it’s impossible to predict what the future holds.

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